Modular System
3 Rails of 80cm to setup your Slider!

The perfect camera slider for the Timelapser always on the move.

Amazing tracking shots with the rail of 80cm, the best size of rail for the filmmaker.


Multi-Setup chose from 80, 160, 240 in a bit!

Track with non-bending outline exclusively designed by ShooTools.

Record Width in its genre, 84mm wide. Also suitable for the heaviest setup.


Shoot Move Shoot Technology
To eliminate the blurry, the Carriage movement is synchronized with the Camera shot:
• Carriage Shift
• STOP -> Input of Shot
• Next Shift.

The Pause between a move and another can be set in a range from 1 second to 99 hours thanks to an intervalometer integrated into the controller.

Maximum Precision: The minimum shift is of 0,01 mm and allows over 10.000 shots with the Camera Slider ONE 80.

• Tracking Shots
• TimeLapse
• Macro Shots
• Stop/Motion

Over 48H operating time
Ni-Mh rechargable batteries included in the Controller for a greatest portability.

3 different operating Modes:
Loop, Sync, No Stop.


To Increase creative opportunities, two motors with different R.P.M. are included; they are easily interchangeable with no need of any tools.

More precise TimeLapse with our new “MOTOR 09”. Many more shots at hand and an over 7Kg Vertical Load.

Tracking Shots extremely quick and fluid with our “MOTOR 55”.


The Carriage is obtained from a unique aluminium block through CNC processing.

It consists of 8 Ball Bearings engineering polymer wheels for a high degree of silence, all of this is easily adjustable by the videomaker.

NEW FRICTION SYSTEM Adjust easily the feeling of your tracking shot!

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