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Pratica borsa in Cordura® per il tuo slider, resistente ed imbottita, il suo design ti permette di riporre il tuo slider direttamente con la testa montata.
Grazie alle due solide impugnature e una pratica zip, potrai trasportare il tuo slider in tutta sicurezza.


The Cordura® case is tear resistant and padded, with re-enforced sides and stitching. It comes equipped with practical handles for transport and a full-length zip for easy opening.
This way, all components are individually protected by the padding to prevent damage during transit. The special design also allows for the camera slider to be packed away with the head attached and the motor installed, making packing quicker and easier.


Not present

BAG Slider 80

A practical and safe solution to carry your Camera Slider with you anywhere

Lenght = 85 mm
Height = 15 mm
Width = 10 mm

€ 65,00 + VAT
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